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  • Why women should lift weights

    Look around many gyms and you’ll see a great divide between men and women. Inevitably, you’ll see the men pumping iron and the women will be either doing cardio or heading into a group Continue reading

  • Five ways to boost muscle recovery

    Exercise takes a lot out of your body but that’s kind of the point; by working your muscles hard, they grow back bigger and stronger than before. Keep repeating this process and over a period of months and years and your muscle size, Continue reading

  • How do base layers improve performance?

    For optimal comfort when exercising, you should dress in layers. That way you can easily regulate your body temperature by adding or subtracting a layer as required. There are normally three layers although if it’s very cold, you may wear more. Normally though, Continue reading

  • The Best Gym Bag

    I take a ton of stuff with me when I head to the gym. I’ve got all my respective supports, resistance bands, my workout shoes, chalk, training diary, lifting straps, a mini first aid kit, my post-training snacks and, of course, plenty of rehydrating fluids. I’ve also got my shower gear, towels and a change of clothes with me too. Continue reading

  • What Should I Wear To The Gym?

    The clothing you wear at the gym plays an important part in how productive and enjoyable your workouts are and while going to the gym doesn’t have to be a fashion show, it pays to wear clothes that will help and not hinder your efforts. Continue reading

  • Should I use a wrist support?


    Lifting heavy weights, training on a regular basis and playing lots of sports can increase your strength, boost your fitness, build muscle and be very enjoyable and healthy activities but can also be hard on your body. While your muscles are the engine for movement it is your joints that usually suffer the brunt of your efforts and often end up showing signs of premature wear and tear as a result. Continue reading

  • Nutritional Rules For Building Muscle

    Nutritional rule for building muscle

    What you do in the gym plays a vital role in the size and strength of your muscles; if you want to gain muscle mass you need to focus on compound lifts like squats and bench presses, strive to increase your weights, reps or sets week by week and allow your body time to recovery by including rest days in your programme. Continue reading

  • Build Bigger Bench Press

    If you tell anyone you lift weights, at some point they are going to ask you “so – what do you bench?” The bench press epitomizes weight training for many people and even those who Continue reading

  • Step Back to Move Forward – The Importance of Back-off Weeks

    I love reading about fitness and exercise. I’m very lucky in many ways because I get paid to talk and write about my hobby and that means the research I have to do to stay ahead of the information curve doesn’t feel like “homework” but is actually something I’d be doing if I wasn’t professionally involved in fitness anyway. Continue reading

  • Five Fitness Truths

    After working in the fitness industry for more almost 30-years and having spent a lot of that time training for and competing in a variety of sports, I reckon I have learnt a few things about exercise and nutrition worth passing on. Some of the things I have learnt have come from research Continue reading

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