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  • Gym Wear Is Evolving


    You may have seen our recent blog posts and the social media hype over our new innovation... 'RIPT Performance Wear'. We were here at the birth of the fitness clothing boom back in 2011, Continue reading

  • Under Armour Alter Ego Lands!

    Do you often ask yourself.. What's next? What's the latest in advancement to make you.. "YES YOU!" better? Under Armour is the answer to that question. Mens gym wear has been the same for decades, just churning off the same product after product of gym clothing, gym t-shirts, shorts.. You name it.. it has been done. Continue reading

  • Look the part

    Although going to the gym or heading out for a bike ride or run doesn’t have to be some kind of fashion show, it’s safe to say that what you wear can have a big impact on your comfort levels and even your performance. Continue reading

  • Build A Better Butt

    Build a better butt

    Call it your bottom, butt or bum, your gluteus maximus or glutes for short is arguably the most important muscle in your body after your heart. Your glutes help stabilize your femurs to ensure your hips and knees function optimally, is your main hip extender which makes them essential for all running, Continue reading

  • Diet - A Dirty Four Letter Word

    Diet – a dirty four-letter word!

    At some point in their lives, a large majority of the population will go on a diet. For a few days or weeks, they will eat much less than normal, swear off foods they enjoy, eliminate certain food groups and generally make themselves miserable in the process. Continue reading

  • Five tips for better workouts

    If, like many people, you make the effort to go to the gym or head out for a run or bike ride, you are doing something that will not only help you control your weight but that may actually increase your lifespan, Continue reading

  • Warm Up For A Better Workout


    Whether you run, ride, row or cycle or prefer to lift weights, do press-ups or play sport for fitness, a good warm up can make the difference between workout success and failure. For many exercisers, warming up is not considered an important part of working out and some even skip warming up altogether. Continue reading

  • Goal Setting

    Goal Setting

    Take a look around your gym and take a mental picture of all the people exercising. In a vast majority of cases, if you revisit the same gym in 12-months time, those people will, in the majority of cases, look exactly the same. They won’t have lost weight, built muscle, Continue reading

  • Muscle Building 101

    While the vast majority of the fitness industry is fixated on fat loss and cardiovascular exercise, a meaningful percentage of gym goers are more interested in weight or, more accurately, muscle gain. Many men and some woman want to build muscle for improved appearance, increased performance or both. Continue reading

  • There is more to exercise than cardio

    There is a definite bias in the fitness industry toward cardio – sometimes called aerobics. Go to any gym and you’ll see lots of people putting in lots of time on treadmills, exercise bikes and rowers or attending Group exercise classes. Look outside and you’ll see walkers, joggers, runners and cyclists doing the same. Continue reading

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