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  • The dos and don’ts of deadlifting


    The deadlift, known as the health lift in Victorian times, is arguably the best muscle and strength building exercise around. The squat is often lauded as being the king of exercises but there is a strong argument for awarding that crown to the deadlift as it offers several benefits and advantages over the squat... Continue reading

  • HIIT - Cardio for fast results

    HIIT – Cardio for fast results

    There is little doubt that cardio exercise is important for both your health and body composition but, and let’s be honest here, what most people do for cardio is just plain boring! Continue reading

  • Bodybuilding Clothing Past & Present

    Over the years bodybuilding clothing has changed and the weird and wonderful has ended up becoming the accepted norm. We have seen short shorts, The baggiest of sweatpants, sleeveless, full sleeved, Stringer vest, Ripped vests and even no clothing at all. Continue reading

  • Do YOU need protein powder?


    Protein powder and lifting weights are inextricably linked and have been so for many years. Championed in bodybuilding magazines since their inception, protein powders have gone through several transformations as our understanding of nutrition has improved. Early protein powders were digestively unfriendly egg-based powders but most modern protein powders are made from gut-friendly whey – a by product of cheese manufacture. Continue reading

  • GASP Clothing Breakdown

    GASP Clothing.. Bodybuilding.. Sweden? Ring any bells?
    The first two you are probably thinking "Yeah, I've seen GASP Clothing on Athletes. Come to think of it... Bodybuilding athletes from the USA". Continue reading
  • Compression clothing 101

    Compression clothing comes in a variety of forms and colours – from socks and arm sleeves to shorts, tights and T-shirts. Suitable for men and women, it’s worn by athletes and hard-training exercisers alike although many wear it more for fashion than any performance benefit. Continue reading

  • RIPT Gym Wear Staff Picks

    The Key to a successful workout is how you feel during your session. Nothing is more important than how your gym wear feels, with the added bonus of how good you look in it. Imagine training in something you didn't feel comfortable in... your session would be ruined, I guarantee it. Continue reading
  • Gym Wear Is Evolving


    You may have seen our recent blog posts and the social media hype over our new innovation... 'RIPT Performance Wear'. We were here at the birth of the fitness clothing boom back in 2011, Continue reading

  • Under Armour Alter Ego Lands!

    Do you often ask yourself.. What's next? What's the latest in advancement to make you.. "YES YOU!" better? Under Armour is the answer to that question. Mens gym wear has been the same for decades, just churning off the same product after product of gym clothing, gym t-shirts, shorts.. You name it.. it has been done. Continue reading

  • Look the part

    Although going to the gym or heading out for a bike ride or run doesn’t have to be some kind of fashion show, it’s safe to say that what you wear can have a big impact on your comfort levels and even your performance. Continue reading

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